Edible printing is made easy with Edible Studio® paper template software.

Access code to free download of the Basic Edible Studio® software comes with the edible paper that you purchase from Edible Supply®. It includes the five most common shapes in which to surround and encase your picture or photo. The templates vary in sizes ranging from 1, 2, 6 or 12 per template. One image per template shape, or a maximum of 12 different ones can be placed on a single template, depending on shape size on the template chosen. On the smaller sizes of 2, 6 and 12, multiple images can be uploaded onto one template for a variety of pictures or photos. These can be useful to spread on a cake, use for cookies or cupcakes, as well as a multiple of other possibilities.

The Advanced Edible Studio® Software is advanced in its functionality. The templates in themselves have more options, with shapes, actual borders, and varying border design possibilities. These templates are primed for personalizing your confectionery products. This software is included in your All-In-One Edible Studio® PC System purchase from Edible Supply®.

Download Basic Version